When in doubt, --dry-run --itemize-changes.
In fact, don't even bother with -v and not --itemize-changes.

Also, see --update.

On 02/22/2018 06:42 AM, Morgan Read via rsync wrote:
> Hello list,
> See verbose background below[1]
> I've just backed up my oldmachine that I have been using recently to an
> external drive with:
> sudo rsync -avuAESX /home /run/media/mylogin/Backup/home
> I have a newmachine that I want to back up to the same destination and
> merge to that backup because I'm about to send it away for repair -
> which is why I've been using the oldmachine.
> I'm concerned that I've replaced some of the files in the oldmachine
> with symlinks, that I've updated some of the files on the oldmachine so
> that they are now newer than the files on the newmachine and perhaps
> deleted some files from the oldmachine.
> What command should I use to ensure that the backup is updated from the
> newmachine with files for symlinks in the backup, newer files in the
> backup are preserved over older files from the newmachine, files that
> don't exist in the backup are added from the newmachine?
> Will the same command do that:
> sudo rsync -avuAESX /home /run/media/mylogin/Backup/home
> ?
> I'm mainly unsure about what will happen to symlinks in the backup.
> Thanks
> Morgan.
> [1] I have got my self in to the situation where I effectively have two
> backups that I need to merge to one - I have an oldmachine and a
> newmachine, I needed to back up the newmachine to the oldmachine and
> start using the oldmachine while the newmachine is repaired, so I
> rsync'd the newmachine to the oldmachine and started using the
> oldmachine for new work...  Now I'm concerned that I've lost some files
> from the oldmachine while the new machine has been lying idle...

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