--- Comment #4 from Chris Tipper <> ---
Model: iMac 4K (2015)
Platform: macOS 10.13.3
Storage: APFS running on APPLE SSD SM0512G 

Symptom: 5% throughput over Gigabit LAN compared to rsync 3.1.2 (4Mb/s vs
The target machine is FreeBSD 11.1 running rsync 3.1.3

I don't have any diagnostic but I have downgraded to rsync 3.1.2 from 3.1.3 and
seen a 20-fold increase in throughput. It seems unlikely that it is to do with
the specific model of SSD as mine is not one of the type listed in the bug
report. I suggest looking into APFS. I would also note that I installed rsync
from Macports.

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