I am thinking that multiplied was the wrong word to use there.  Exit
codes are 0-255 (an unsigned int).  If they go higher than that they
loop.  So, an exit 256 is considered good while an exit 257 is really an
exit 1.

I had math on the brain because the first thing I did was pop up a
calculator and do 5888/256 and was surprised to see a whole number
answer (23).  If you had said 5889 I would have done 5889/256 and gotten
23.00390625 then I would have done 5889-(256*23) and gotten 1 which I
would have reported to you as the real error to lookup in man rsync.

So, I am not sure whether you should be attacking whatever is looping
the exit code or whatever isn't understanding looped exit codes.
However, a shell wrapper would probably handle the problem.  Simply put,
$SHELL -c 'exit 5888'
is considered to be a success in every $SHELL I have installed on my system.

So, if something is running rsync directly and not via a shell wrapping
it into a shell would probably solve the problem.

On 02/22/2018 03:21 PM, Kevin Korb via rsync wrote:
> It is an exit 0 (success) that is being multiplied by 23 for some reason
> and whatever (shell?) is running rsync doesn't recognize that.
> On 02/22/2018 02:09 PM, James Moe via rsync wrote:
>> rsync v3.1.0
>> linux v4.4.104-39-default x86_64
>>   Found in the system log:
>> 2018-02-22T05:02:00-0700 sma-server3 python3[31371]: backintime
>> (sma-user3x/3): WARNING: Command "rsync -rtDHh --links --no-p --no-g
>> --no-o --info=progress2 --no-i-r  --delete --delete-excluded  -i
>> --dry-run --out-format="BACKINTIME: %i %n%L" --chmod=Du+wx
>> --exclude="/bkp/cgate-backintime"
>> --exclude="/home/sma-user3x/.local/share/backintime"
>> --exclude=".local/share/backintime/mnt"
>> --include="/data01/var/CommuniGate/" --include="/data01/var/"
>> --include="/data01/" --exclude=".gvfs" --exclude=".cache/*"
>> --exclude=".thumbnails*" --exclude="[Tt]rash*" --exclude="*.backup*"
>> --exclude="*~" --exclude=".dropbox*" --exclude="/proc/*"
>> --exclude="/sys/*" --exclude="/dev/*" --exclude="/run/*"
>> --exclude="/etc/mtab" --exclude="/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb"
>> --exclude="lost+found/*" --exclude="/tmp/*" --exclude="/var/tmp/*"
>> --exclude="/var/backups/*" --exclude=".Private"
>> --include="/data01/var/CommuniGate/**" --exclude="*" /
>> "/bkp/cgate-backintime/backintime/sma-server3/sma-user3x/3/20180221-050005-107/backup/""
>> returns 5888
>>   Code 35 is the highest code value I could find.
>>   How should code 5888 be interpreted?

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