--- Comment #9 from Dave Gordon <> ---
(In reply to Rui DeSousa from comment #6)

In your example:
$ rsync -av --inplace 000000010000005E00000017 arch/000000010000005E00000017
sending incremental file list

sent 67,125,370 bytes  received 35 bytes  8,950,054.00 bytes/sec
total size is 67,108,864  speedup is 1.00
$ ls -lh  arch/000000010000005E00000017
-rw-------  1 postgres  postgres    64M Mar  5 16:02
$ du -h  arch/000000010000005E00000017
362K    arch/000000010000005E00000017

how much of the source file is non-sparse? 'Cos ZFS can "sparsify" a file if it
detects that you've got big chunks of zeros. For that matter, if you've got
dedup  enabled, it should be able to detect any repeated pattern that's
block-sized and -aligned. That might let you create files that go over quota,
since they're not really using very much space.

In your dd(1) example, do you get a different result if you source /dev/zero
rather than /dev/(u)random?


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