--- Comment #28 from Dave Gordon <> ---
(In reply to Carson Gaspar from comment #27)
Hmm? If you're referring to line 810 of io.c, which is the only write(2) call I
can see in perform_io(), in the current HEAD it looks like this:

 810  if ((n = write(iobuf.out_fd, out->buf + out->pos, len)) <= 0) {
 822  }
 835  if ((out->pos += n) == out->size) {

so that while the immediate test is only for <= 0, the actual result is stored
in n and subsequently used to adjust counters, pointers, etc. I don't think
there's a bug there.

BTW, AFAICT perform_io() is only used for IPC. The received file is written out
by write_file() in fileio.c:

140 /* write_file does not allow incomplete writes.  It loops internally
141  * until len bytes are written or errno is set.  Note that use_seek and
142  * offset are only used in sparse processing (see write_sparse()). */
143 int write_file(int f, int use_seek, OFF_T offset, const char *buf, int len)


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