--- Comment #2 from Kevin Day <> ---
(In reply to Dave Gordon from comment #1)

It looks like that's no longer allowed?

rsync: --block-size=10485760 is too large (max: 131072)
rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1591) [client=3.1.3]

#define MAX_BLOCK_SIZE ((int32)1 << 17)

        if (block_size > MAX_BLOCK_SIZE) {
                snprintf(err_buf, sizeof err_buf,
                         "--block-size=%lu is too large (max: %u)\n",
block_size, MAX_BLOCK_SIZE);
                return 0;

OLD_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE is defined, but options.c would need to be patched to allow
looser block sizes if protocol_version < 30

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