I've problem with rsync 3.1.3 in my distribution (TLD Linux). It segfaults when service is started. Services are controlled by rc-scripts (TLD Linux is systemd free). Actual command thats being run by rc-scripts is:

nice -n 15 initlog -c "/usr/bin/rsync --daemon --dparam=pidfile=/var/run/rsync.pid"

When ran by hand it works, when ran from rc-scripts rsync segfaults. The only difference is that rc-scripts are closing/redirecting std streams prior to calling above command.

The code responsible for segfault is new popt_unalias function added in 3.1.3. To be exact this line causes segfault:

poptAddAlias(con, unalias, 0);

When commented out everything works.

Workaround for now to get it running is to comment out popt_unalias calls.

I'm hoping for little help to nail down what exactly causes segfault and fix it :-)


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