On Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 1:46 AM c.buhtz wrote:

> You see there are several sub-arguments that need to be put to "ssh" via
> the "--rsh".

In addition to what Kevin said, I find it easier to put customizations into
the ~/.ssh/config file under a custom hostname (or the main hostname, as
you prefer).  For instance:

Host name1
    Hostname localhost
    Port 22
    User username
    ServerAliveInterval 240
    LogLevel Error
    IdentifyFile /some/path

At that point you can ssh and/or rsync to "name1" and all those options
auto-apply (you don't even need the "user@" bit). And rsync should default
to using ssh these days (though exporting RSYNC_RSH=ssh does make extra
sure of that).

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