why not avoid using "--remove-source-files" and delete files
manually/via extra step afterwards ?

Am 17.10.22 um 08:59 schrieb Sridhar Sarnobat via rsync:
90% of my data losses are caused by rsync'ing from dir A to dir A
(accidental incorrect copy and paste, or where dir B is a symlink to
dir A). The source gets erased unintentionally.

It may seem dumb but when you get really long commands and really long
file paths it will happen a 1-2 times a yearwhen I'm doing it
dozens/hundreds of times every week.

*Is there an existing mechanism to protect against this?* rsync should
logically never erase all copies of data.

I know I can backup files (which I do for my smaller drives), or
create wrapper scripts but I'm not asking about those.I don't think
adopting --dry-run is practical being such a heavy user (and moreover,
it's unlikely to warn what will happen).

I'm not a C developer so I probably can't do this myself but if
anyone's encouraging me to then I'd give it a shot.

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