I've read through the rsync manpage, this mailing list, asked Google and
studied lots of posts on stackexchange.com (stackoverflow,
superuser...), askubuntu.com and some others, concerning rsync's
capabilities of showing progress information. But all I've found was
what I already knew: --progress (or -P) shows a progress information for
*every* file transmitted, --info=progress2 shows an overall progress of
the whole transfer (more useful, but slower, if combined with

What I am looking for is a way to show the progress on file-level (like
--progress or -P) but only for files bigger than a certain threshold,
say for example >25 MB for a transfer to a remote host or >250 MB for a
local copy. Printing the progress of files which are transfered within
just one or two seconds is not really necessary. Is this possible? If
not, the best I can imagine, would be a switch, maybe called
"--progress-threshold=x", where 'x' is the threshold level (e.g. 25m for
25 MB...).

Thanks in advance!

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