I second Francis here. You don't need to diagnose incomplete file transfers as 
long as you have racing conditions as you described. This leads to strange 
result inevitably.
NEVER start several rsync jobs manipulating the same data - especially if there 
are modifications to BOTH sides source and destination.

You do not necessarily define a service like Francis suggests. A simple 
semaphore approach suffices. Perhaps even something like

# ps fax | grep -v grep | grep $0 && exit

to prevent this exact command "$0" to start concurrently.


Am 04.03.23 um 08:38 schrieb Francis.Montagnac--- via rsync:


On Sat, 04 Mar 2023 00:39:52 -0600 Albert Croft via rsync wrote:

The rsync commands may be launched from command-line or cron, but use
the same format and options in either case. As a result, there may be
multiple rsync processes pulling files from the same remote path to the
same local path.

I think you should first prevent this to happen.

If your receiving machine is using systemd:

   - define a X.service for doing the rsync
   - define a X.timer unit to replace using cron
   - launch from the command line with: systemctl start X
     - this will not start a new rsync if one runs already (if X.service is

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