Robin Lee Powell via rsync <> (Di 07 Mär 2023 16:20:39 
> First of all, I disagree that rsync handles very large files badly,
> but that's not super relevant. :)  Consdier --partial for large
> files.

I'm using --inplace (because the receiving side does snapshots of the
underlying file system), which implies --partial.

But that's another place I need to work on, as written in one of my
previous posts. There I need to investigate a bit more.

> (1) my .rsync-filter file has "+ .rsync-filter" in it
> (2) --delete-after means that the .rsync-filter is present on *both
> sides* when the delete runs

Boah… got it and read again "PER-DIRECTORY RULES and DELETE".
Now it is clear and works as expected.

Thanks a lot for clarification and pointing.


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