The only way I know of to determine this behavior is to use the --link-dest option in rsync OR use the much older cp -al then rsync over top of it method. With --link-dest a change in the file's metadata causes rsync to duplicate the file in order to store both versions of the metadata. With the old cp -al method rsync just makes the metadata change on the hard link already in the target which causes all instances of the file to be changed rather than the file being duplicated.

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I know it is a often discussed topic how rsync decide about using
hardlinks or copy a file. Even if content is unchanged problems are
often file permissions and owner ships. I know that.

Is it possible to configure rsync that way that it logs for each file
its decision about using a hardlink and if not why exactly it doesn't?

The background of my question:
I'm part of maintainer team of "Back In Time" a desktop backup software
using rsync in the back. For years we have users reporting about the
hardlink problem. And we are sure that it isn't their fault but ours.
We can't reproduce the problems for sure but we observe the behavior
also on our own machines sometimes.

It would help our investigation if we could better understand the
hardlink-decision for each file and folder.


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