Maurice R Volaski via rsync <> wrote:

> I have an rsync script that it is copying one computer (over ssh)
> to a shared CIFS mount on Gentoo Linux, kernel 6.3.4. The script
> runs for a while and then at some point quits knocking my ssh
> session offline on all terminals and it blocks ssh from being able
> to connect again. Even restarting sshd doesn't help. Rsync has
> apparently killed it. I have to reboot.

For starters:

  What OS and version is the rsync script running on?

  Which end do you have to reboot?  The machine running the script,
  or the Gentoo Linux?

  What versions of rsync are running on each end?

  Can you show the command line that fails?

  Based on the mention of multiple terminals, it sounds as if you
  have a fairly complex ssh environment.  Can you get it to fail in
  a simpler environment, ideally with only one terminal?

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