--- Comment #5 from Jeffrey Simon <> ---
"Excludes are relative to the source dir". Are you saying that the excludes
should be --exclude=.DocumentRevisions-V100 --exclude=.TemporaryItems

That is a rhetorical question, because I no longer get an issue with with
excludes. After I added sudo, those errors no longer occur.

However, I am still having a problem, as follows:

1. The plain rsync command (with sudo and excludes) works from the command

2. The same rsync command (with sudo and excludes) works as part of a script
from the command line.

3. The script does not work from launchd running as root.

Because rsync appears to be working properly, my issues are most likely with
the environmental differences between command line and launchd. So except for
the oddities that these issues only showed up on macOS Ventura, but did not
happen on macOS Monterey, I believe the issue can be considered somewhat
resolved. I say "somewhat" because it is not clear to me why sudo should be
necessary from the command line, but it is.

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