I am trying to master the hosts allow module parameters described by man rsyncd.conf . Quoting from the man page:

 > hosts allow
 > This parameter allows you to specify a list of comma- and/or
 > whitespace-separated patterns that are matched against a connecting client's
 > hostname and IP address.  If none of the patterns match, then the connection
 > is rejected.

I understand from this that if I specify only IPv4 addresses, no IPv6 traffic is accepted. Is this correct?

Quoting again from the man page:

 > Note IPv6 link-local addresses can have a scope in the address specification:
 >                  fe80::1%link1
 >                  fe80::%link1/64
 >                  fe80::%link1/ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff::

Should I understand that the %link1 in these examples could be replaced by say %wlan0 or %eth0 , and that I could write fe80::%wlan0/64 ?


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