Hi all,

I'm trying to change the timestamp appears in my openLDAP logs. Today it's
the default timestamp (Nov 22 11:55:02), but for debugging reasons I need
to show the milliseconds (something like Nov 22 11:55:02:987 or any other
format with milliseconds).

The logs output are managed by the /etc/rsyslog.d/openldap.conf file:

> #Configuration specifique openldap
> local4.* @
> local4.*        -/custom/log/openldap.log
> local5.* @
> local5.*        -/custom/log/openldap-oldschema.log

My /etc/rsyslog.conf configuration looks like:

> # Use default timestamp format
> $ActionFileDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_TraditionalFileFormat

For testing purposes, I change it to:

> # Use default timestamp format
> $ActionFileDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_FileFormat

Or even to:

> # Use default timestamp format
> $template myFormat,"PRI: %pri%, MSG: %msg%\n"
> $ActionFileDefaultTemplate myFormat

But I see no changes in the timestamp (I restart the rsyslog service at
each modification)

I also notice that I'm just getting the first instance log
(-/custom/log/openldap.log), I'm not seeing the second one

Viewing this I have two questions:
- why my second instance doesn't log?
- why my log timestamp doesn't change when I change the configuration file?

I would like to thank you in advance for all the help,
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