2016-12-01 11:20 GMT+01:00 mosto...@gmail.com <mosto...@gmail.com>:
> El 30/11/16 a las 22:51, David Lang escribió:
>> On Wed, 30 Nov 2016, mosto...@gmail.com wrote:
>>> read modes other than 0 currently seem to have issues in inotify mode
>>>   Any open issues? it's an based-on-experienced-warning message? legacy?
>> good question
> Rainer?

I am not aware of one, which does not necessarily mean none exists. So
you need to check the issue trackers :-(

The longer-term question is if we should grandfather readMode. The
performance difference seems not to be much, and a single approach is
much better to maintain.

>>> imfile has tag, facility and severity properties...
>>>   Is there any way this properties being /inherited/ for ALL modules?
>>>   (hence documented on "/input-modules/")
>> no, because other input modules don't hard-code these values, they set
>> them based on the message they receive. It doesn't make sense to have them
>> apply to all modules.
> I don't understand your reasoning here.
> Why it makes sense to set tag when using imfile but not with imtcp?

because a syslog message contains tag.

>>> @radu-gheorghe @rgerhards could you have a look at
>>> https://github.com/mostolog/rsyslog-doc/blob/imfile/source/configuration/modules/imfile.rst

will try to look asap, but pretty busy witjh code and design at the moment...

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