Confession... I'm still learning rsyslog after many years of working with 
syslog-ng.  I'm using rsyslog-8.4.0-8.3 on a SLES12.1 system and am trying to 
capture my ESXi host logs.

Here is my current filter for those:

cat /etc/rsyslog.d/ESXi.conf

template(name="ESXi_app" type="string" 
if $hostname startswith ["cdcubde",
   then {
         action(type="omfile" dirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" 
else {
if $programname contains ["Hostd",
   then {
        action(type="omfile" dirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" 
stop }

I added the extra "else/if" because even though the 'startwith' was mostly 
working, it wasn't working 100%.  And, now even with the extra else/if some 
messages are still falling through to my "Unknownl" and I don't understand why.

Example message that is falling through -

cat Unknown/cdcubdmz01.mycompany.com/cdcubdmz01.mycompany.com-2016-12-01.log
2016-12-01T10:01:22.690936-05:00 cdcubdmz01.mycompay.com soapenv: 

I'm using different configs in /etc/rsyslog.d/  for the different filters 
(ESXi, FireEye, PaloAlto, etc), then my Unknown filter is in the 
/etc/rsyslog.conf file.  Is that approach wrong?

>From my rsyslog.conf:
template(name="Unknown" type="string" 
*.* action(type="omfile" dirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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