On Fri, 2 Feb 2018, Simon Lundström wrote:

I like mailinglists and IRC but the most important for me is that the questions are answered, be it by employees or the community, and that the aim is to leave no questions unanswered. IM (such as IRC) is not well suited for replies which might take days but rather for quick yes/no questions.

I also really dislike question/answer methods that require that the answerer be online and paying attention as the question is asked. This is a global community, and our best answerers are quite a few time zones away from each other.

To get fewer questions asked (over and over again) having someone which compiles the most often asked areas/questions and documents them where it's relevant. Since this often requires some sort of access it might be suitable to be done by an employee.

Note that the number of employees by adiscon is tiny, asking them to review/summarize questions and answers means that less code changes will take place. We really need this to be something that can be done by volunteers (perhapse via git to update a page so that the results can be checked by the answerers??)

What Doran has been able to do with the documentation over the last couple of months is wonderful, he's even managed to overwelm my ability to keep on top of everything :-)
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