On 09 February 2018 at 13:58:43, Rainer Gerhards (rgerha...@hq.adiscon.com)

2018-02-09 5:58 GMT+01:00 Nicholas von Waltsleben via rsyslog
> Upon further investigation it appears this only happens when a queue is
> configured for the action. It sounds like a bug that was previously fixed
> after 8.10 (https://github.com/rsyslog/rsyslog/issues/375), has there
> perhaps been a regression in this area?

Thanks, I need to investigate, but somehow this does not look wrong.
For a quick (and better!) fix, I suggest to put the queue on the rule
set instead of the individual actions. That will also be faster.


Hi Rainer

Thanks for the suggestion.  If this queue was only there for performance
that would have been the perfect solution. For my use case I actually need
to store messages intended for a remote syslog server and in the event the
server is offline trigger the next action which is a script that sends an
alert message to a monitoring system.  So when I create the queue on the
ruleset, the improg action gets executed as expected when the omfwd action
is suspended, but the messages are (for obvious reasons) no longer kept in
the queue.

Is what I am trying to do an achievable use-case for rsyslog, or should I
consider some kind of external script for monitoring the health of the
upstream syslog server?

- Nic
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