Hi all,

I have a number of java services that include support for logging to syslog, 
but unfortunately they can only log by sending udp packets to port 514.

This is not in itself a problem, however these services have no stable 
predictable behaviour when it comes to hostname handling, and so we have some 
logging “localhost”, others logging the shortname, and there is no practical 
way for us to fix this.

What I need to do is configure rsyslogd to, when it receives messages from 
localhost port 514 (only only this), override the hostname being forwarded and 
set that hostname to the FQDN of the rsyslogd machine.

Does rsyslogd have any functionaly to rewrite log entries as they go past?

Given that these messages are forwarded upstream (and therefore the FQDN 
matters), I am assuming the template functionality is no going to work for us?


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