On 2/23/2018 8:35 AM, Berend De Schouwer via rsyslog wrote:

I've recently come across some machines that flooded rsyslog via
/proc/kmsg on Linux.  This means that printk_ratelimit doesn't apply to
all kernel messages.

This resulted in >100 GB log in 24 hours, so I added ratelimit to
imklog.  I'm attaching a patch.  WorksForMe(tm).

Configuration is the same as the other modules, except it's module-wide
since there's only ever one instance:

module(load="imklog" RatelimitBurst="1000" RatelimitInterval="5")

I've found two conditions that ignore the kernel ratelimit settings:
- writing to /dev/kmsg (used for testing)
- oops in some modules (should fix the module, I know...)


Would you be willing to submit this as a Pull Request via GitHub?

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