On 2/6/2018 1:56 PM, David Lang wrote:
On Tue, 6 Feb 2018, Simon Lundström wrote:

My only negative experience of the rsyslog unpaid community support is github issues where I've submitted and they weren't answered and/or the responses stopped coming after a while. I know that the Github interface is not great for communication since even I with my very small OSS-projects have accidentally missed issues reported.

I am configured to get e-mails for all postes to the github issues, and I try to respond to them as I would the mailing list, but there's less backup if I miss something than the mailing list.

I think we recently added a template for filing issues, should/could we modify it to suggest that if it's a 'how do I' question, that it should go to the mailing list instead?

When I get busy, the first rsyslog stuff that drops is the forum messages (since I can't reply via e-mail and have to actually login to the forum to reply), second is the github questions, and third are the mailing list messages I don't know (mostly the TLS related ones)

Resurrecting this thread.

Any further thoughts regarding retiring the forums? Are we at a point where the rsyslog team would feel comfortable deprecating the forum and suggesting that users subscribe to the mailing list, post their question to GitHub or use StackOverflow.com?

Perhaps something like (with the wording tweaked/improved):

Thank you for stopping by! The rsyslog forums are being retired in favor of other support channels. While the forums will remain online in a read-only capacity for the foreseeable future, users are encouraged to use one of the following support channels:

* Link to mailing list page here (preferred)
* Link to GitHub project issues tab here
* Link to stackoverflow.com rsyslog tag here

While we participate in all of these channels, the mailing list and GitHub projects receive the most attention.

Regarding the stackoverflow.com rsyslog tag, here is a direct link to those Q/A entries :


For what it is worth, that URL also has an Atom feed at the bottom of the page:


With a tool like rss2email, new questions posted to stackoverflow.com (with the rsyslog tag) would result in those questions being fed into this mailing list. That said, I understand that having notifications for those SO questions go to the list would still require (as David mentioned) the reader having to go to SO to interact with the original post/thread/question.

Perhaps if not posted here, those notifications could go to a second list that members on this list could opt into receiving. I still consider myself a rsyslog newbie, but I would opt-in and answer questions where and when I could.
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