On 04/06/2018 09:08 PM, David Lang wrote:
In addition to the authentication, it looks like there is some other issue. where some info isn't there and it logs "filename: ''" and it looks like nothing is attempted

9992.862530379:main Q:Reg/w0  : ruleset.c: processBATCH: next msg 43: E0329 22:17:55.816218   13181 dns.go:131] Nameserver limits were exceeded, some nameservers have been omitted, the applied names 9992.862626453:main Q:Reg/w0  : rainerscript.c:     ACTION 0 [mmkubernetes:action(type="mmkubernetes" ...)]
9992.862632518:main Q:Reg/w0  : ruleset.c: executing action 0
9992.862637582:main Q:Reg/w0  : ../action.c: action 'testtest': called, logging to mmkubernetes (susp 0/0, direct q 1) 9992.862641778:main Q:Reg/w0  : ../action.c: action[testtest] transitioned to state: itx 9992.862646131:main Q:Reg/w0  : ../action.c: entering actionCalldoAction(), state: itx, actionNbr 0 9992.862659596:main Q:Reg/w0  : mmkubernetes.c: mmkubernetes: CONTAINER_NAME: 'kubelet-node'  CONTAINER_ID_FULL: 'b19af21d5383732b374f3707b09daf362f96d5c5e7651715d0fd3893e3a657e9'.

CONTAINER_NAME: 'kubelet-node' does not match the pattern in k8s_container_name:


so it isn't a kubernetes container - probably just a plain docker container - and therefore isn't processed by mmkubernetes

9992.862666446:main Q:Reg/w0  : mmkubernetes.c: mmkubernetes: filename: ''.

David Lang

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