Am 19.09.2014 13:37, schrieb markus.wildb...@eu.magna.com:
> Since the update to 4.2.7 i figured out, that there is a new issue
> regarding the (german) translation.
> For the ticket-status, "open" has to be translated to "offen". On the
> other hand,
> in the Self-Service area, "open" hast o be translated to "offenen"
> because of the context "Meine offenen Tickets" (My open tickets).
> Is there a possibility to fix this problem?
> Is it possible to translate the same english word differently?
> As I remember, there was a change coming in 4.2.7 regarding a
> translation issue in the SelfService pages (commit
> 1d0b91823db7856be3727fd351a3d7d3d5a9a2c5).

The translation template has both "open" and "my open tickets", so
there's no problem. As far as I can tell Launchpad already has the
corrected translations since September 9th. Until the next RT release
you could just download the current *.po file from there and replace the
one in the RT installation.

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