I don't believe that it's possible for a user to be simultaneously
unprivileged and have rights granted to them, so I would suspect that your
goal is possibly unsupported in its current form.

Have you considered setting these users up as privileged instead, with
minimal rights?

On Sat, 28 Feb 2015 at 01:31 <elif...@free.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> On our RT 4.2.6, I created a lifecycle "support" with specifics status,
> which is working fine.
> The requestor is unprivileged, but is granted the right ModifyTicket
> (globally), and ShowTicket, Watch and ReplyToTicket on the queue. The queue
> has the "support" lifecycle.
> On SelfService interface, the requestor sees his ticket, can display it,
> can reply, and can modify the status : but the status are not the ones of
> the lifecycle "support", but the one of the default lifecycle !
> I made a test as a requestor and changed to status stalled which does not
> exist in the lifecyle "support". Now, as a superuser I cannot change the
> status at all, there's only stalled an stalled (unchanged) listed !
> I've been searching for quite a long time, but now I can't figure out what
> is going wrong.
> The second point is that I intended to add a ResolveRight to the lifecycle
> "support" to allow unprivileged requestors to resolve their tickets via the
> SelfService interface. I'm wondering now if it's possible.
> Thanks for your help again,
> Elisabeth

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