Thank you Marcos, that was exactly the problem!

I completely forgot it, but now I see that I put a note in my customized  "On 
correspondence notify Requestor and CC" scrip, that reads:
"TransactionBatch is needed otherwise messages will be sent out twice".

I do not remember it this is something that was needed in past RT versions or 
if it is still necessary now.
I'll do some tests in my non-production system.

Thank you

Da: Marcos Orallo <><>
Inviato: Sat Mar 07 2015 10:05:37 GMT+0100 (CET)
A: Guadagnino Cristiano 
Cc: <><>
Oggetto: Re: [rt-users] Show recipient on ticket update - not working

Hi Cris,

Check if you have Scrip for "On correspondence notify Requestor and CC" 
enabled, in Normal stage (you can check this in Applies to section when editing 
the scrip).

If you have it in Batch, you won't be able to see and edit the predicted 
recipients when replying or commenting.


El 06/03/2015 13:13, "Guadagnino Cristiano" 
Hi all,
I have both the 'Recipients' and the 'Scrips and Recipients' sections
empty when I resolve/reply to a ticket.
I mean, I see no recipients and no check boxes.
I have no warnings/errors in the log.

What can it be that is causing this behavior?

Thank you in advance.

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