On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Joseph D. Wagner
<j...@josephdwagner.info> wrote:
>> What do you mean by "without logins"? The email address needs
>> to correspond to a user that already exists on the system?
> Yes.  Here's what happened.  A privileged user entered an external email 
> address into the CC field, which did not have an account.  RT autocreated an 
> account for that person, and it accepted that external email address on the 
> CC field.  I need to prevent that.
> How can I limit CC and AdminCC to email addresses that already have accounts? 
>  Either rejecting the ticket or silently failing to add the CC/AdminCC email 
> address would be acceptable.

Use a callback.

Do you know what those are?


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