Thanks for the suggestions, managed to find the CSS here: 
And will look in to the ACL-stuff.

I found this: but I’m 
not sure if or how to make this work with RT4.4. Tried to edit the files 
involved but looks like there are something extra needed to get it working.

Also noticed that to turn off Signatures via MessageBoxIncludeSignature set to 
0, cleared mason and restars apache after every attempt.

Regards, Joel

Från: Matt Zagrabelny []
Skickat: den 17 februari 2016 18:07
Till: Joel Bergmark <>
Ämne: Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4 - Four questions

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:42 AM, Joel Bergmark 
<<>> wrote:
Hello there.

Just updated our RT to 4.4, smoothly as normal regarding RT. However, at a 
meeting with the customer service representatives at our office, I got some 
questions to try to resolve.

1: Move signature to the top (basically to reverse the messages from newest on 
top not only in the History view but also inline replys), I have tried 
“SignatureToTheTop” from the wiki and also FlexibleSignature as good as that 
article could be matched but no luck.

2: HTML Signatures is it possible to get working? (including logo, links and 
formatting etc)?
3: Is it possible to disable comments, or in RT 4.4 get them to work as 
replies? (seen old discussions about it but no new ones).

Via the ACL'ing. Yes, it should be.

4: When replying the WYSIWYGEditor shows the field to write with a red/pink 
hue, is it possible to change that to not be red-ish? (Counter intuitive to see 
red colour where you can write… A matter of education I know, but there is a 
point in it.)

CSS perhaps. Under the admin pages there is a location where you can customize 
the logo/CSS of the RT install. I'd look there.

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