We use both option #1 and #2 suggested by Ram below.

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notifying requestor

Hello group,

We're using RT for several years now and upgraded recently to RT 4.4
A lot of our tickets involve requests where the owner of the ticket needs to 
make some inquiries or put other departments at work.
e.g. As a response to a ticket a new user account has to be created and some 
actions like delivering devices (smartphone, laptop) or giving access to 
applications has to be done by other departments.

We could manually send out some answers or replies with the involved 
departments  in CC:
But, since these are not comments,  by default the requestor gets all the 
correspondence as well, e.g. when the department answers that the smartphone is 
ready to be picked up.
This is not what we want.

The situation above can be compared with the queue "Investigations" in RTIR 
where new tickets are created, linked to the original one, but without 
notifying the requestor(s)
Installing RTIR seems like overkill, since this has little or nothing to do 
with incidents.

What is the best practice to create a working solution for this problem?
Has anyone done this before? Are there some ready-made contributions that I can 
My knowledge of Perl is rather limited, so I could create a scrip but this 
should mainly be based on copy-pasting and little adjustments of examples.

Much obliged,

Three options i can think of:
1 "comment" and and CC the other group; replies will also be comments and 
therefor not sent nor seen by the requestor. This depends on you having a 
-comment@ email address defined separately from the generic queue email address.
2 Add the other group as Ticket AdminCC and then comment. This will result in 
them seeing all the Ticket traffic which you may not want (or only sometimes 
3 Link tickets

I use all three of these depending on the situation

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