I was wondering if someone could shed some light as to how to get RT to send
out email.

Here's what I've done so far:
* Upgrade machine is CentOS 7 (apache, mariadb, and postfix)
* installed RT 4.4 (previous 3.8.8)
* transferred database to new machine
* upgraded database
* configured aliases for new machine for testing
* RT web interface working for upgrade
* sending email to new machine adds tickets
* verified RT_SiteConfig.pm directives were updated

What is not working from upgrade:
* auto assigning user for certain queues via custom Scrip
* RT not sending emails to Admin CCs...from the debug logs, I can't find any
instance of RT calling SendEmail.pm (Scrips don't seem to be running even
though they are in the database and I can view them from the web interface).
* can send email from command line of the server
* tried setting $MailCommand to 'mbox'...no file when trying to forward a
ticket or reply

What am I missing?

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