I am using rt42-4.2.12 in FreeBSD jail (let's call it apache jail).
mysql56-server-5.6.27 is in another jail on the same host (let's call
it mysql jail). When host starts, apache jail is instructed to start
after mysql jail. However, it appears that mysql database in mysql jail
is not fully functional at the time of apache24's start in apache jail.
This results in the following error:

Mar  7 08:54:09 apache3 RT: [1799] Since your configuration exists
(/usr/local/etc/rt42/RT_SiteConfig.pm) but is not writable, I'm
refusing to do anything.

First thing that came to my mind was to introduce some kind of delay,
at either apache jail start, or apache24 server start. But then I found
a thread at freebsd-questions mailing list where a guy gives advice to
"...contact the author of the service that depends on MySQL, to more
gracefully start up: if the connection can't be made that it tries
again until it does (maybe with a max_retries setting). This is very
trivial stuff in daemons."

Is there such setting in rt42? Or should I ask maintainer of FreeBSD
port to include it in rc script?

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