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> Hi there,

Hi Bart,

> I may be just missing something but this is failing miserably for me and
> I am not sure what the correct way to fix it is:
> Running rt 4.4.1 rc1 as of today.

I’m glad to hear it. :)

> When I have the external authentication configuration enabled in
> RT_SiteConfig.pm the
> initial database import breaks. I think this is because when it trys to
> add the "root" user it attempts to canonicalize the name from ldap which
> fails.

You’re exactly right. It’s even trying to canonicalize the RT System and Nobody 
users too.

> I can work around this by having puppet install one version of 
> RT_SiteConfig.pm without  
> external authentication configured, run the database import and then
> replace it with a version with external auth enabled.
> This works, I've tested it.
> It just feels terribly ugly and wrong.

Indeed it is, but hey, it works.

> Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong here or is this a genuine
> issue?

It’s a genuine issue. I’ve created an Issues ticket on your behalf:


I’ve also fixed the underlying issue with the following two commits (the first 
for RT System and Nobody, the latter for the root user):


These fixes will be included in RT 4.4.1rc2, but if you want to apply the 
patches ahead of time, you can get rid of your double SiteConfig hack.

> Kind regards
> Bart

Thank you for testing the RCs!
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