Hi Jim,
this is great news, since Wikia has become really unusable, even with AdBlock 
turned on. Moreover, my employer just blocked Wikia because of the main focus 
on gaming.

I spent an hour yesterday reformatting my articles for the new wiki (some 
formatting had been lost). Now everything is good, but my articles are lacking 

I recovered the original images from Wikia, but apparently the new wiki is not 
configured to allow image upload.

Are you going to fix this problem, or should we rely on an external image 


Il venerdì 17 giugno 2016 alle 12:58:56 CEST, Jim Brandt ha scritto:
> Hello RT Users,
> Best Practical is moving the RT wiki to a new hosting site!
> If you've used the RT community wiki over the years, you may have
> noticed the ads have increased quite a bit on Wikia. To make sure RT
> users have a productive environment to share their RT knowledge, we're
> moving to our own hosted wiki so you can focus just on reading about and
> sharing RT knowledge.
> We need your help to complete the cut-over.
> The new wiki is now available here:
> https://rt-wiki.bestpractical.com
> We have copied over all of the great content from the current wiki and
> now we'd like you to check the new site and confirm the content has been
> copied correctly. Also, we're unable to move the accounts, so we'd like
> you to sign up for a new account and try editing some pages.
> Our plan is to welcome feedback for the next 2 weeks and fix any issues
> you discover. Assuming there are no major issues, on Wednesday, June 29,
> we're targeting a cut-over where we'll make the new wiki the primary RT
> wiki. Shortly after that, we'll work on turning off the version on Wikia.
> You can see current changes and issues, and add new ones, here:
> https://rt-wiki.bestpractical.com/index.php?title=Wikia_Move
> Or send email to us at feedb...@bestpractical.com
> We hope you like the new wiki site and as always, thanks for your help
> and support for RT!
> Best Practical
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RT 4.4 and RTIR Training Sessions https://bestpractical.com/training
* Los Angeles - September, 2016

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