People at work are wanting me to modify RT so that the one-time CC options
on ticket replies are instead full CCs. That is, anyone added there is
CC-ed on the full ticket rather than on just the transaction being made. No
one wants to use the 'people' tab, and one-time CC-ing isn't something
anyone expects to use.

I know, in theory, how to make such a change now. What I'm wondering is how
hard it might be. If anyone has ever done this before, can you give an idea
of what is involved? The UI is one part, but what behind-the-scenes changes
might I have to make? Is it as simple as changing an argument, or much
worse? Am I changing the plate on an electrical outlet, or tearing down
half the wall to change all the wiring?

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
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* Boston - October 24-26
* Los Angeles - Q1 2017

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