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Hello list,
Every so often, and seemingly randomly, I see this error in /var/log/messages 
just as the FCGI server stops working:

Oct 25 13:43:07 RTServer RT: [8137] Argument "username" isn't numeric in 
numeric ne (!=) at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm line 3027.

It shows up three times, at the same exact time, and that's it. The "username" 
appears to be the username of one of our users (I've replaced the actual name 
with 'username' for this email). This is the only reason RT ever goes down. If 
it weren't for this, I doubt we'd have any problems at all. Manually restarting 
the FCGI server fixes things for anywhere from one to five days before the same 
problem happens again. Has anyone seen this before? RT4.4.1 on Debian 8. Thanks.

I think it has something to do with the reminders if that helps.  The following 
if() statement is on line 3027 of that file.  I have no idea why "$args->{ 
'Reminder-Owner-' . $reminder->id }" is has a value of the username of someone 
though since "$reminder->id" should return a numerical ID of the user.  Looks 
like a bug to me.

            if (
                exists( $args->{ 'Reminder-Owner-' . $reminder->id } )
                && ( $reminder->Owner !=
                    $args->{ 'Reminder-Owner-' . $reminder->id } )
                ( $status, $msg ) =
                    $args->{ 'Reminder-Owner-' . $reminder->id }, "Force" );
                push @subresults, $msg;
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