You're right. After looking at what showed up on RT, not what was in the 
subject fields of the two clients, I have the problem. I think.

It seems that Outlook is removing the space before the # (pound sign) in the 
subject tag. That is:
Re: [Graphics #400]
turns into
Re: [Graphics#400]

Looks like I get to play with the subject tag regex.

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> On Oct 31, 2016, at 10:16, Nilesh <> wrote:
> You should inspect the headers in both cases. If they contain in-reply-to, you
> can use that to solve the problem.
> My problem originally was people in Cc replying to a mail sent to RT (and by
> default, people in CC do not get auto reply email). This was successfully 
> solved
> by the in-reply-to patch. 
> e20cabb66a6
> Just save that file in local/lib/RT/Interface/ and restart RT.
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> Nilesh
>> On Mon, 2016-10-31 at 19:36 +0530, Nilesh wrote:
>> I don't think Re matters. As long as subject tag is intact it should get
>> parsed correctly.
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>> Nilesh
>>> On 31-Oct-2016 7:35 PM, "Alex Hall" <> wrote:
>>> I looked more closely at the difference. Outlook is stripping off the "Re: "
>>> part of the message subject in the reply, whereas Gmail leaves it on. That's
>>> the only difference I can find, but it must matter. I guess this is more an
>>> Outlook question now, unless there's something I can change in RT to make it
>>> not care about the Re: part of a reply?
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>>>> On Oct 31, 2016, at 09:52, Nilesh <> wrote:
>>>>> On 31-Oct-2016 7:10 PM, "Alex Hall" <> wrote:
>>>>> Hey all,
>>>>> I made a custom template with mailto: links in it, that comes from norep
>>>> The mailto: links populate the to: and subject: fields of
>>>> the new message as they should, and when the new email is sent, a comment
>>>> appears on the ticket. At least, if the user does this from the Gmail
>>>> website (our domain mail is handled by Gmail). If the user is on Outlook,
>>>> however, the "reply" gets turned into a new ticket. I can't see what the
>>>> difference is, since the mailto: link is the same. We're on Outlook 2007,
>>>> at least the few stations I've asked so far use 2007. Has anyone ever seen
>>>> this before? Any troubleshooting suggestions? Thank you.
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>>>>> Alex Hall
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>>>> Have you verified that the subject tag isn't getting stripped?
>>>> There are two ways to identify a reply - one via the subject and other via
>>>> in-reply-to header which most clients insert. In-reply-to isn't parsed by
>>>> RT, so a custom code is needed for that.
>>>> I got it from someone on this list and have implemented as a local
>>>> customization.
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>>>> Nilesh
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RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day!
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