Hi list,
Now that I have priority on the main ticket creation page rather than the
details page, people are using it more. I'm expecting the next question I
get to be about making tickets of certain priorities more visually striking
in results lists. For instance, if a color is 30-50 (our cap is 50), could
it be made a different color than the tickets that are 1-29, while tickets
at 0 are a third color? RT may already do this, I'm not sure, since I use a
screen reader. If it doesn't, can it be made to? At the least, do tickets
have a class I could use in CSS to do this? If not, it would be easy enough
to add that to the div in the HTML, but before I go making solutions, I
wanted to see what RT already had in place.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day! 
* Los Angeles - January 9-11 2017

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