Hi list,
I'm looking into email alerts for untouched tickets, and I thought of the
crontool right away. In reading its Wiki page, I'm a little confused about
setting up the user to run it. RT 4.4.1, Debian 8. Link I've been reading:

The page says to make an RT user *and* a Unix user. If the tool runs on the
server, though, where does the RT user come into it? If I do need both a
Unix and RT user, what do I enter into RT as the user's Unix login value?
Can I just make my RT user part of the admin group, or should I *only*
grant it the two rights the Wiki page mentions (view/modify tickets in all
queues)? That is, do I need to grant specific user rights, because of
security concerns surrounding making this user a full admin, or can I just
make it an admin? Thanks for any explanations.
Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
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