Hello everybody,

strange things happen on my RT. I'm running RT 4.2.8 on an Debian Jessie installed via the Debian packages.

I started adding plugins long time ago:

# Plugins

all installed via perl Makefile.PL, make, make install, configured, cleaned cache, restarted Apache. All worked so far.

A few days ago, suddenly the small images in the calendar weren't displayed anymore. I could not find any error, and nothing had been changed on the server. Even debug logging did not give me any hint. So I "reinstalled" the calendar plugin (perl Makefile.PL, make, make install), cleaned cache, restarted Apache. After that, in place of the calendar there was "An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT's log files."

All right, and there we go:

[28078] [...] [error]: could not find component for path 'MyCalendar'

[28640] [Mon Nov 21 15:32:58 2016] [error]: could not find component for path 

[28641] [Mon Nov 21 15:43:51 2016] [error]: could not find component for path 


I understand that some component can not be found but I don't have any idea what, why and where.

All right, and now I discovered that JSGantt also does not work anymore.

What still works: Ticket locking, Time worked report, Escalation dates, Announce Simple.

Now I installed another plugin, RT::Extension::BriefHistory, and that one also does not work.

I know that under Debian the paths may differ, but in my opinion everything should be allright there (it worked...). Here's some output from /rt/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:


*Mason template search order*

*Static file search order*

*Loaded config files*

*RT core variables*
RT::BasePath            /usr/share/request-tracker4
RT::BinPath             /usr/bin
RT::EtcPath             /usr/share/request-tracker4/etc
RT::FontPath            /usr/share/request-tracker4/fonts
RT::LexiconPath         /usr/share/request-tracker4/po
RT::LocalEtcPath        /etc/request-tracker4
RT::LocalLexiconPath    /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/po
RT::LocalLibPath        /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/lib
RT::LocalPath           /usr/local/share/request-tracker4
RT::LocalPluginPath     /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins
RT::LocalStaticPath     /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/static
RT::MasonComponentRoot  /usr/share/request-tracker4/html
RT::MasonDataDir        /var/cache/request-tracker4/mason_data
RT::MasonLocalComponentRoot     /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/html
RT::MasonSessionDir     /var/cache/request-tracker4/session_data
RT::PluginPath          /usr/share/request-tracker4/plugins
RT::REVISION            8
RT::SbinPath            /usr/sbin
RT::StaticPath          /usr/share/request-tracker4/static
RT::VERSION             4.2.8
RT::VarPath             /var/lib/request-tracker4

Now, the only thing that worries me a bit is that my file system structure indeed seems a little bit unlogic. But I do not know if that's allright, I got no comparison.

I got /usr/share/request-tracker4 and /usr/local/share/request-tracker4. Is that already a mistake?
Under /usr/share/request-tracker4 my tree (-d -L2) is
├── debian
├── etc
│   └── upgrade
├── fonts
├── html
│   ├── Admin
│   ├── Approvals
│   ├── Articles
│   ├── Dashboards
│   ├── Download
│   ├── Elements
│   ├── Errors
│   ├── Helpers
│   ├── Install
│   ├── m
│   ├── NoAuth
│   ├── Prefs
│   ├── REST
│   ├── Search
│   ├── SelfService
│   ├── Ticket
│   ├── Tools
│   ├── User
│   └── Widgets
├── lib
│   └── RT
├── libexec
├── plugins
│   └── RT-Extension-JSGantt
├── po
└── static
    ├── css
    ├── images
    ├── js
    └── RichText

and under /usr/local/share/request-tracker4 it's
├── html
│   ├── Admin
│   ├── Callbacks
│   ├── Elements
│   ├── NoAuth
│   ├── Search
│   ├── Ticket
│   └── Tools
├── lib
│   └── RT
├── man
│   ├── auto
│   └── man3
├── plugins
│   ├── RT-Extension-AnnounceSimple
│   ├── RT-Extension-BriefHistory
│   ├── RT-Extension-EscalationDates
│   ├── RT-Extension-JSGantt
│   ├── RT-Extension-TicketLocking
│   ├── RT-Extension-TimeWorkedReport
│   └── RTx-Calendar
├── po
└── static

And this double structure worries me a bit, but I really don't know if this is ok that way (since it's generated by the install routines), or, if not, which one is the "right" one.

Any hints and ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance, Patrick

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