Hi All,

I am trying to create a ticket by email with various fields set.

I have set headers

X-RT-Command: CustomField{PNR}: 12345678

and the lodges show

Running CommandByMail as a...@b.cm (/var/www/xxx/local/plugins/RT-Extension-CommandByMail/lib/RT/Extension/CommandByMail.pm:309) [2482] [Sat Dec 10 17:05:33 2016] [debug]: Found pseudoheader: CustomField{PNR} => 12345678

but it does not set the field, and no error shown.

I am sure it's a rights issue, but i've set "Everyone" SeeCustomField and ModifyCustomField at CF level and Queue level, and even global level, but it does not get set

any hints?




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