Hi all,

I'm using the Activity Report function that Best practical was kind enough to 
update for the 4.4.x release, however it has its short comings when other than 
me need to create them and understand them + lack automation.
I'm curious on how you guys are extracting stats from your RT systems?

I want a way to create stats on different queues to get automatic daily and 
weekly reports, but also user stats and then be able to store it to analyze 
trends over past years etc sent over email. Perhaps there some excellent open 
source stats tool for creating sql queries and then create reports on a front 
end, with ability to email out pdfs and spreadsheets for further processing.

Also, want to send out a huge thanks to everyone in the RT Community, you guys 
are amazing and the collective effort produced here is astonishing! RT is truly 
a powerful platform thanks to the collective! I wish you all a happy holiday!

Regards, Joel Bergmark Telecom3 Sverige AB

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