Hello Alex,

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Hello list,
I've just gotten a DSN to our iSeries working on the same server that
hosts RT. Next, I'll be making a script to auto-set a custom field with
a value pulled from that iSeries based on another field. This way, for
instance, you can make a ticket with the order number in a CF, and the
customer rep gets added to the ticket. The rep comes from the iSeries.

What I'm wondering is whether the DBI module in RT can already do this?
Can I give it a DSN and some SQL, then get the results? Or do I need to
install a separate database Perl module and use that? I know next to
nothing about Perl, let alone how to use it to talk to databases, so
this may be a stupid question. Still, I thought it worth asking; if the
DB module that RT already uses can do this, there's no need to install
another one. Side note: if anyone has ever dealt with DB2 from Perl in
RT before, any other suggestions or warnings you can offer will be
appreciated. Thanks.

DBI is a database abstraction layer; the real work is done by database
secificy DBD modules, i.e. DBD::MySQL, DBD::Pg, ...

So the good news is that there is a DBD::DB2 module:


The bad news is that you'll likely have to "roll your own" and that the
CPAN page list a number of open bugs for it. Maybe the following
document can help to get you started:


Before you start, you should make sure that you know which perl
interpreter your RT was built against. If you did an install from source
and did not set a $PERL environment variable, you should be fine working
with the system default perl.


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