Hi all,
A while ago I was asking why owners don't always show in search results. I
just had a look at one such ticket in the database:

select * from Tickets where id = 527;

The "Owner" column is set to the value "no owner shown in search results".
I don't know how it got that way, or what it means. More puzzling still, if
I open the ticket in the web UI, the owner is correct. Yet, this ticket
shows up if I search for tickets in the UI with "Owner='nobody'". Somehow,
RT knows the owner, but in the Tickets table has it set to this odd value
I've never seen. What would cause this and, more importantly, how do I stop
it from happening?

We have a script set up to make the requestor the owner automatically, but
that's working (I got it straight from the Wiki). This means that users
aren't manually adding themselves as owners, they're relying on the script
to do it for them when the ticket is created. Yet, sometimes, we get a
ticket like the one described above--no owner in the database or searches,
but an owner when you view the actual ticket. Any thoughts as to how to fix
this, and how RT knows the owner? Is it substituting the creator somehow?
I'm very confused! Thanks for any suggestions.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department

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