I received a request to 'auto CC' clients on tickers (as our customers are only 
allowed to interface via email). I enabled 
 We then started getting random RT Bounce messages, and upon investigating I 
found: https://rt-wiki.bestpractical.com/wiki/RTAddressRegexp . Due to the 
randomness of the email formats and the quantity of queues, I couldn't write a 
simple regular expression so I have a somewhat large one:

Set($RTAddressRegexp, '(local-part1@domain1\.tld)|

However, when a queue is added as a CC, it still gets added & a user created. 
When I use https://regex101.com/ , the matching works. Can I not do multi-line 
regexp in the SiteConfig file? I'm thinking this is something simple I'm 
overlooking. Thank you in advance.

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