Lorraine Johnson wrote:

*  I noticed that mails sent outside rt are not being delivered in the system. 
I think my RT- mailgate is not working.  Autopreply messages are also not being 


*  Kindly help if you have an  idea.


*  thank you


You’ve got the function of rt-mailgate backwards – it’s only responsible for 
delivering mail to RT; not for sending it. There are many possible causes why 
mails supposedly sent by RT are not reaching their intended recipients.


Are you using the local mail system of the box you’re running RT on to deliver 
outgoing mail? If so, start by verifying that it is working as intended by 
sending mail from the command line. Check the local mail logs to see whether 
your mails are getting rejected. If your primary mail hub is on a different 
system and you’re using its mail domain, make sure that you’re not getting 
rejections because your RT box is not  listed as a trusted sender in your 
domain’s SPF policy.




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