On 12/02/17 07:57 AM, Keith Edmunds wrote:
We have a "Triage" queue and a number of problem-type queues. Ideally,
we'd like to allow tickets to only be created in the Triage queue and
then be moved to the appropriate problem queue, but it appears that we need
the "Create Ticket" permission on a queue to move tickets to it.

Is there any way of achieving what we want?


I'm assuming that you have specific people who process the triage queue. Put them in a Triage group.

Give everyone the right to create tickets in Triage.

Triage people have the right to create tickets in the problem queues.

Requestors can SeeTicket, Reply, (SeeQueue?) and other standard stuff everywhere.

This should funnel all the requests as long as you can make sure the Triage people follow the rules. :-)


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