If you look in the Makefile.PL you will find somethink like this

requires_rt '4.0.0';

modify as required.

Can I suggest that you upgrade as v3.8 reached end of life in 2014.

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On 2017-02-13 17:02, Vinicius Fagundes wrote:

I'm starting to learn RT development. And I was designated to create a
RT extension, but our RT version is too old (3.8). I couldn't find any
documentation about how to do it for this version.

I tried follow the current documentation but when I tried to run:

perl Makefile.PL

I got this error:

**** Error: This extension requires RT 4.0.0. Your installed version
            of RT (3.8.8) is too old.

Is it possible write and run a Extension for this version? If so, how
can I achieve that.

Vinícius _Fagundes_

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