Sorry- too quick with the send button. I did have to add a separate swap 
partition because my instance was indeed running out of memory. I also was not 
able to quickly get fcgi working, so I just moved on with standard Apache2. I 
am using the Amazon Ubuntu AMI.

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On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 2:11 PM -0500, "François Meehan" <> 

I have restored a production instance of RT to an Amazon EC2 t2.small virtual 
machine. It has 2 Gig of RAM. 
I can’t get Apache with Mod_FCGI to work but RT will run ok when using the 
stand alone server. 

There are no error message to help. 
One particularity of EC2 is that is does not have a memory Swap file 
configured. I wonder if this can cause the issue. 
Has anyone successful at running RT 4 on EC2?
Thanks in advance, 


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